Some Here And There…Pics and Musings (Originally Posted: July 8, 2013)

April 17, 2014

More iphoneshia for you!  I’m ruminating on a few blog posts of more substance though i know my family (and friends!) love the pics.  One will be titled “always being black in brasil”.  It’s my fourth time here and I’m still always a little surprised how the stuff i read about in journals and books plays itself out in real life…my life.  Every summer I’m here it’s something different and I know it’s just the nature of the beast…Brasil is what it is.  And while me being a smart scientist from America in some circles puts me into the Brasilian “white” box (which comes with certain privileges), for many,  most, none of those things matter.  In Rio, I was made to change eating venues for a dinner meeting once a professor and potential collaborator realized I was black (yeah, it’s not happening); In Salvador, I was not allowed entrance into a restaurant until I forced them to allow me to eat there since they were clearly serving people and was seated in the rear of restaurant when I requested seating in the front so I could watch the sun set; and now in Sao Paulo, I have had the most ________ (I still can’t find the word for it) ongoing interaction with my lodging host that reminds me everyday about the racial relations in Brazil.  It also has me thinking sincerely about what a year will be like (living-wise) here when I return.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Brasil and all of its ongoing contradictions.  It continues to fascinate me and I admit to the sadomasochistic relationship that we’re in.  As a friend reminded me — this is the life I chose.  God knows its a good and blessed one.  And as another friend reminded me:

so I’m trying.  I’m being respectful and I’m actively looking to move for my last 3 weeks…because at the end of the day I deserve peace of mind and kindness too.  We’ll see how it goes.

In the meanwhile!  I’ve been adventuring all over town.  This should have probably been split into two posts, but here it is…CH-ch-ch-check it out.

some here

near the end of today’s (sun, july 7) day after visiting parque ibirapuera

pretty, ne?  it's like the central park of sao paulo
pretty, ne? it’s like the central park of sao paulo


Fela on side of Afro-Brasilian Museum
Fela on side of Afro-Brasilian Museum


some here and there...
some here and
some here and and
some here and and musings

Brazilian Elvis...everyday.  same spot.
Brazilian Elvis…everyday. same spot.


sisters!  same mom.  same dad.  isn't genetics cool?
sisters! same mom. same dad. isn’t genetics cool?


true story
true story


i came for the popsicle, the drink was extra.
i came for the popsicle, the drink was extra.


we're with the band...
we’re with the band…