PUC (Originally Posted: July 6, 2011)

April 11, 2014


So here I am.  In Brazil to learn some Portuguese…only the first step in what will surely require more time with the language and more time in Brazil (how convenient!).  I took a placement test today…HA!  Written and Oral.  I got through part 1 and half of part 2.  I took reading comprehension in Port this summer and it definitely helped me get through-but considering I don’t know any vocabulary and my grammar skills are at a negative 2, I did not have high hopes.  Turns out-neither did the oral proctor:

proctor:  “something in Portuguese”

me:  “no se” except it should have been “não sei”

proctor:   “something in Portuguese…Brasil?”

me [postulating]:  “Is this my first time in Brazil?  Yes.”

proctor [nodding her head]:  “Americana?”

me:  “Si (espanol)…uh, sim (portuguese)”

proctor [writing on her paper]:  “OK”

me:  “level 1?”

proctor [raising shoulders]:  “Sim”

…and there you have it!  Classes start tomorrow!