It’s A Small World After All… (Originally Posted: July 24, 2012)

April 17, 2014

I am living in a friend of a friend’s house here all because I sent an email inquiring about a meeting.  Who knew the person who works on all the things I’m interested in would offer me a place to lay my head.  Grateful.

Who knew that I’d have a roommate for 6 days–a friend of my host’s who lived here for 2 years, while she was on her Fulbright– and is in town for meetings throughout the country?!  Who knew that she studied Portuguese at IDIOMA like me, got a Fulbright like me (I’m claiming it), works at the CDC (!!!) like me, is collaborating with the CDC Brazil Field Office Director like me… She said to me, “Wow, it’s like you’re living my life!”

Man, small world.  So funny.  We’ll have lots to talk about for sure.

What’s also funny?  Christin works in AIDS (before and now at the CDC) and while she lived here, also worked with an orphanage.  It’s not often she’s back so I’ll also be living with Mateo, a 9-year-old, for the next 6 days, one of her beloveds.

Me, Mateo, and Christin.  Never a dull moment.